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- Frederica (Ethel) Georgia, Photographer -

The first time I met Ethel-the-goat

Sweet Shelby

Tucker Farm Fun!

Ethel...all grown up

Animal Garden Shop is a collection of images from this farm chick photographer, obsessed with photographing animals and vegetables. 


After a decade of shooting Animal Garden Shop subjects, on farms and gardens, here and yonder, my most recent addition to the collection is the children’s book, MY NAME IS ETHEL. 


The photos and text are from many delightful visits to Tucker Farm and tell the story of Ethel-the-goat who started off feeling the same way I did at about the same age, when I found out my middle name was Ethel. Happily, we’ve both grown to appreciate our name, ETHEL!


Meet Ethel and the rest of my crazy characters, whether vegetables or animals, and hopefully I'll fulfill my goal of spreading a little joy around.


Please keep visiting the Animal Garden Shop site, as I continue to add products and photos.



Freddie G

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